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March 02, 2010


Biotechnology — at least from the business perspective — has taken off on the Web. But, other areas such as health and life sciences, agricultural engineering, technology and law and ethics also have their place in popular blogs. The following list of 50 biotech blogs provides a taste of the best on the Web today when talking about any one of those biotechnology topics.

The following list is categorized and each link, listed alphabetically within those categories, leads directly to the blog for your convenience.

Encompassing Biotechnology


  1. 123 BioTech: This blog and its portal is designed to promote the biotech industry in general and Indian biotech industry in specific.
  2. American Biotechnologist Blog: This blog was created for PIs, grad students and technicians for networking and for posting items of interest, including articles and videos.
  3. BIO: BIO members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products. This link leads to several blog and podcast sites sponsored by this organization.
  4. BIOtechNow: This portal and blog covers a wide range of biotechnology, including health, food and agriculture, industrial, business and events.
  5. BioWorld: Use this blog to stay tapped into an international resource that covers all things biotech.
  6. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: What began as a print publication in 1981 has now expanded to leverage online media including web-exclusive news and features, Webinars, videos, podcasts, and newsletters.
  7. GenomeAlberta: Genome Alberta strives to be the leading source of information and administration related to genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioethics research in Alberta.

Health and Life Sciences

Medical research

  1. Biomedicine on Display: The Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen focuses on the display of contemporary biomedicine’s visual and material culture in museums, laboratories and clinics.
  2. BioPeer: Although this blog bills itself as a “global health and medical search engine,” it also offers papers, links to resources, grants and much more.
  3. Dose of Digital: The goal of this blog is to help figure out how healthcare can leverage some of the digital technologies available today.
  4. Institute of Biological Engineering: This blog seeks to enhance and promote biological engineering in the broadest manner through research, education, and professional development.
  5. My Biotech Life: This blogger’s interest is in life sciences, but he’s just as interested in the Internet.
  6. Next-Gen Sequencing: Stuart Brown is Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Biology at NYU School of Medicine.
  7. Pathogens: Genes and Genomes: This blog focuses on bacterial pathogenomics, next-generation sequencing, type-III secretion, bioinformatics and evolution.
  8. Science-Based Medicine: This blog explores issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine.
  9. The Hyphal Tip: This blog highlights some of the interesting happenings and scientific progress that is being made as well as share our fascination with fungi.
  10. Virtual Genome Project Blog: The objective of this blog is to summarize and comment on publications related to horizontal gene transfer in bacteria in the VGP.



  1. Biofortified: This group blog is devoted to providing factual information and fostering discussion about plant genetics, especially genetic engineering.
  2. Council for Biotechnology Information Blog: The Council for Biotechnology Information is a non-profit 501c6 organization that communicates science-based information about agricultural biotechnology.
  3. Dairy and Animal Science Blogs: Dr. Etherton is a Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition and Head of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State University. This blog focuses on biotechnology.
  4. EcoFarm Blogs: Choose among genetic engineers, farming and EcoFarm blogs to gather information on a daily basis.
  5. I Am Biotech: This blog is an online hub for showcasing researchers, patients, farmers, and other innovators who are finding solutions through biotechnology. This blog is part of a project by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).
  6. The Farm Gate: Addressed to agricultural producers, this blog provides integrated information across a variety of disciplines, including crop and animal sciences, ag economics, ag engineering and veterinary medicine.


Genetic Engineering

  1. Blue Collar Bioinformatics: This blog will appeal to those dealing with the practical day-to-day work of biological data analysis and presentation.
  2. Cryptogenomicon: this blog is about research tools this group develops in the lab for biological sequence analysis — most notably, HMMER and Infernal.
  3. Discovering Biology in a Digital World: Digital biology is biological research that involves computers, and — according to this blogger — anyone can do it. Follow along or take the lead!
  4. Med2.0: This blogger combines his passion for science and pharma together with his interest in emerging technologies.
  5. PolITiGenomics: This blog touches on the political, IT (information technology) and genomics intersections in genomics research, next-generation sequencing technologies, informatics, computer hardware and software and free software.


Stock Market

  1. BioHealth Investor: If you are interested in investing in biotechnology, drug companies, medical products, and medical devices, this is your blog.
  2. BioJobBlog: This blog, maintained by Dr. Clifford S. Mintz, offers information about jobs in all types of biotech careeers.
  3. Biopharmconsortium Blog: This blog is open for discussion on scientific and business issues in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and research products industry.
  4. BioTech Blog: Dr. Yali Friedman is the founder of DrugPatentWatch and managing editor of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.
  5. Biotech Stocks Blog: This blog is an open forum for discussion on biotech stocks traded on various markets.
  6. Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network: This blog represents a regional partnership of business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and economic development officers embracing the biotechnology and biosciences sector.
  7. Health Business Blog: This important blog has more to do with business than with health, and is maintained by David Williams, co-founder of MedPharma Partners LLC.
  8. In Vivo Blog: This blog offers daily commentary on recent developments in biopharmaceutical business development, R&D, financing, marketing, and policy.
  9. Luminogenics: Luminogenics is a resource with interests in systems of technology commercialization in the life sciences. Included here is a directory of hundreds of biotech incubators, research parks, and associations.
  10. The Cross-Border Biotech Blog: Americans and Canadians join forces in this blog, which focuses on biotech trends and bialout issues.
  11. The Daily Scan: This blog, one of three at GenomeWeb, brings daily reports that focus on the business side of biotechnology.

Ethics, Law and Policy


  1. AAAS ScienceInsider: This blog and series of blogs all focus on policy. You can search through biosciences, biomedicine and other science collections from this perspective.
  2. ABA Section of Science & Technology Law: The American Bar Association offers a complete resource for law pertaining to science and technology, including biotechnology.
  3. Agricultural Law: This is the official blog of the AALS (Association of American Law Schools) section on agricultural law.
  4. Bioethics: This blog is a public service provided through the collaboration of many individuals and organizations to improve the discussion of issues in bioethics.
  5. BioLaw: Law and the Life Sciences: This blog is maintained by several contributors who focus on environmental, food and drug, agricultural, behavioral laws and more.
  6. BioLaw with Chinese Characteristics: Use this blog to learn about Chinese laws, regulations, policies, and media stories concerning bioethics, biotechnology, and the biological sciences.
  7. Food Law Prof Blog: Donna Byrne, professor of law at the William Mitchell College of law, presents a blog that centers on law and food, including biotechnology in this sector.
  8. Genomics Law Report: Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson launched the Genomics Law Report to focus on the legal implications of important developments in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine.
  9. Holman’s Biotech IP Blog: This law professor’s focus lies in the intersection of biotechnology and intellectual property.
  10. The Biotech Ethics Blog: This is a blog about ethical and social issues arising in health biotech, agricultural biotech and industrial biotech.
  11. The California Biotech Law Blog: The Prinz Law Office specializes in providing world-class intellectual property counsel to clients in the high technology, life science, and e-commerce industries.

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