25 Fitness Gadgets that Can Improve Your Health

March 05, 2010

Technology is great. We can do a number of things with the help of technology, from checking our bank accounts using smart phones to taking online courses to become phlebotomy technicians. We can even use technology as a way to help us improve our health.

Indeed, if you are looking for ways to improve your health, boosting your fitness level and improving your eating habits, it is possible to use technology in the process. There are a number of gadgets that can help you create a fitness plan, monitor your progress and even celebrate when you meet your goals. Here are 25 gadgets that can help you improve your health:


Use a pedometer for better exerciseKeep track of your fitness performance with help from these gadgets. They can help see what you have been up to, or they can help you optimize your workout. Here are some technology gadgets that can help you keep track of what you are doing:

  1. Pedometer: One of the most useful types of gadgets is the pedometer. It counts your steps, and lets you know how far you are walking. This can be very useful if you are trying to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. You can use a pedometer to get the requisite number of steps, and increase your activity level.
  2. Heart rate monitor: Part of optimum fitness is reaching and maintaining a certain heart rate. A heart rate monitor can help you keep track of where you are, and for how long you are in “the zone”.
  3. Activa: You can actually find music in your Mp3 player to match your heart rate. If you listen to music while you work out, Activa can help you optimize your performance by making sure your workout music keeps you moving at your preferred heart rate.
  4. Distance monitor: Learn how far you have gone. You can keep track of how far you went on your morning jog, and use it to help you gradually increase your distance as a runner. These can also be helpful as you train for marathon running. Many of these also include speed sensors.
  5. Cycle speed monitor: If you like to ride a bike, you can keep track of how far you go (and how fast) with the right cycle speed monitor. This can help you track your improvement, and build up to longer distances at faster speeds. You may not win the Tour de France, but you can certainly improve your health.
  6. Accelerometer: If you are looking to measure how quickly you build up speed, you can use an accelerometer. These are no longer used only in science and industry; now you can use them to help you improve your workout and measure your performance.
  7. Golf swing gadgets: If you want to improve your golf game (while increasing your fitness level), you can use a golf swing gadget. From gyroscopes to lasers, it is possible to get special clubs that analyze your swing and help you improve.
  8. Lactate Analyzer: It’s good for swimmers to understand their lactate threshold. These special blood analyzers can help you improve your swim workout, keeping you up with the optimum swimming fitness.
  9. Wetronome: Another swimming device, the Wetronome helps you learn how to keep a certain pace in the pool, swimming at the most efficient stroke rate and encouraging the use of muscle memory.


Wii Fit for better exerciseOnce you have your information in, it helps to be able to analyze your performance, and see how it fits into a an overall exercise routine. Here are some interesting gadgets and systems that can help you analyze your performance.

  1. Wii Fit: This exercise gadget monitors and analyzes exercise positions to make sure you are performing your routine correctly. The Wii Fit can also help you keep track of your progress and analyze your continued efforts.
  2. exerspy: This gadget is used in conjunction with the Web site dotFIT. You wear the exerspy band, and it keeps track of what you are doing throughout the day. Then you log in to dotFIT and see how you’re doing.
  3. Fitlinxx: A system used at different gyms, this exercise gadget is actually an interconnected system. It monitors what you do at the gym, and analyzes how you are doing, and keeps you on track with your fitness routine — no matter what machine you are using.
  4. Nike Triax Elite: Learn how you are doing when it comes to running. The Nike Triax Elite analyzes your speed and distance, as well as heart-rate. Transfers the data so that you can see it, and monitor your progress.
  5. FitSense: Analyze the calories you burn, your pacing, speed and more. The FitSense puts all of the information together in a way that gives you a coherent picture of your workout, and what it is accomplishing.
  6. Fitness Analyzer: Helps you log your workouts, and keeps you on track with the help of analysis and other tools.
  7. RoadRunnerGPS: This is actually an application for your Blackberry smart phone. You use the RoadRunnerGPS to analyze all that you did during the day, helping you view your stats and analyze how far you went, calories burned, and how it all fits in with your fitness level.


Count your caloriesOne of the things that can really derail your attempts at fitness is too many calories — and too many of the wrong kinds of calories. These calorie related applications and gadgets can help you integrate your diet into your health and fitness program.

  1. Dietary scale: Figure out portion sizes and make sure you understand exactly how many serving sizes you are eating. You might be surprised at how many calories you are actually eating once a dietary scale helps you figure it out.
  2. Perfect Portions: This calculator helps you decide how many portions to make, and what portion size is perfect for your needs.
  3. Calorie Counter Gadget: This is a mini app from Google that helps you find nutrient information for thousands of foods, as well as help you track your requirements, and even adjust for special diets.
  4. Don’t Eat That: This is actually an iPhone app that helps you figure out food additives and ingredients. Don’t Eat That offers a great way to help you keep track of what you definitely should be staying away from in terms of unhealthy foods and calories.
  5. Water Your Body: Make sure you are getting enough hydration in your body. A workout can drain you of the water that you need, and Water Your Body can help you make sure you are healthily hydrated.
  6. Low Carb Diet Assistant: This app helps you monitor your carbs. Low Card Diet Assistant is ideal for those trying to lose, or for diabetics trying to keep their carbs under control.
  7. Lose It!: This app helps you keep track of calories, and even sets up a calorie suggestion for you to help you meet your weight loss goals. Use Lose It! to monitor your proteins, fats and carbs as well.
  8. Calorie Counter: You can keep track of calories, and figure your recommended daily intake, with help from this Android app.
  9. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter: This application is meant for the Blackberry, and provides you with a simple and efficient way to count calories and improve health and nutrition.

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