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November 17, 2009

Do you believe that traditional Western medicine is the best route to take for preventative measures or for remedies? While traditional medical practice has been wildly successful for various physical ailments, it often does not address the person as a whole entity. On the other hand, alternative medical systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice that focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s health. Often, these systems have evolved apart from and earlier than the conventional medical approach used in the U.S. Examples of systems that have developed in non-Western cultures include traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, and these systems that have gained a foothold in the U.S. through various practices such as homeopathic and naturopathic medicines.

With these alternative practices in mind (including practices that integrate Western and Eastern healing methods), we have prepared a list of fifty alternative medicine blogs. The chosen blogs are categorized by herbal healing, chiropractic and naturopathic methods as well as blogs that focus on acupuncture and acupressure. The blogs are listed alphabetically within each category to show readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Alternative and Holistic

  1. A Healthier You Today: Sudie Ann is studying premedical health science in college, and she combines her personal knowledge and what she is learning to her blog that focuses on integrative healing and preventative care.
  2. Alternative Healing Today: The blog is just one part of a site that focuses on alternative healing and preventative measures from acupuncture to organic foods.
  3. Alternative Health Blog: This blog covers topics such as herbal medicine, ionic therapy, massage therapy, natural foods and more – including recipes.
  4. Alternative Medicine Blog: Try this blog for updated news, articles and information on alternative medicine.
  5. Alternative Medicines: Learn more about alternative medicines through this blog, an ‘Alternative Medicines Site of the Month.’
  6. Aroma Cookery: This site is, perhaps, the only food site that claims holistic health, with food that originates from Singapore origins and that speaks to total health and a satisfied palate.
  7. Barbara Mendez’s Health and Nutrition Blog: Mendez, a nutritional consultant and registered pharmacist, approaches health from perspectives including Western, allopathic medicine and alternative, interactive and holistic care.
  8. Centering Tools: Centering is all about holistic integrated health, and you can learn more about the techniques used in this practice at this blog.
  9. Chinese Natural Healing: This blog focuses on all aspects of Eastern healing, including herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, Qi Gong and more.
  10. Ed’s Health Tips: Ed Sanderson takes his life-long interests in health and the mind’s role in healing to the Web with help on issues from acupressure to weight loss.
  11. Family Health Avenue: This blog is about total family health and wellness, with a holistic perspective on every area in life.
  12. Hormones in Harmony: This writer focuses on people who are hormone-challenged from the perspective of bio-psycho-spiritual healing.
  13. Integrative Approach to Healing: Learn about the best in integrative care from a patient-focused therapist in Chinese medicine, functional medicine and acupuncture.
  14. Julie’s Health Club: This column, offered by the Chicago Tribune, provides a venue to talk about alternative and mainstream health issues and solutions.
  15. Know Thy Health: “Everything’s connected,” and this blog can help readers understand that philosophy and act on it to generate holistic health.
  16. Many Hands: This blog began and a holistic health magazine that served New England readers. Now it is available online for those who seek information about holistic health practices.
  17. Natural Standard: This blog focuses on integrative medicine, with topics that range from allergies and immunology to new products and product advisories.
  18. New Health Ideas: This blog offers health information, news and reviews on alternative health resources.
  19. The Integrator Blog: If you like the idea of combining Eastern and Western medicines for health, look to this site to learn more about this philosophy.
  20. Vibrant Glow: If you’re healthy, you look better naturally. This site concentrates on that perspective.
  21. Enjoy all aspects of well being and health at this blog, written by a healer who believes in integrated medicines and preventative measures from a holistic perspective.

Herbal Healing

  1. A Journey into Herbal & Natural Healing: Tania is an herbalist, Reiki master, teacher and practitioner. Follow her journey into herbal healing with her blog.
  2. Ayurvedic Herbal Cure Blog: This blog takes an Ayurvedic approach to herbal healing.
  3. DAAN Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture: The focus for this blog is on Chinese herbs and alternative healing methods that favor Eastern philosophies.
  4. Gaia’s Gifts: Learn more about the connection between mind and body and how to enhance that connection with herbal formulas, flower essences and more at this blog.
  5. Herbal Matters: Learn the history of the medicinal plant kingdom and well as information about various plants and their healing properties at this blog.
  6. Herbal Remedies and Complementary Therapies in the News: This blog can help you stay in touch with the latest in botanical medicine news.
  7. The Herbalist’s Path: Are you into Western herbalism, or do you lean toward indigenous cultures? If you want to learn more about herbal healing and the lifestyle, you might visit this blog.
  8. Herbs are Greener: This blog is fairly new, but provides a practical insight into various herbs and their healing properties.
  9. Lotus Flower Herbals: This blog is run by a holistic health practitioner, aromatherapist, massage therapist and all-around holistic herbal healer. She also sells the products that she uses and shows readers how to make their own herbal projects.
  10. Steven Foster’s Herbal Blog: Join this photographer, author and consultant who specializes in medicinal and aromatic plants on his artistic and healthy journey.


  1. ChiroOrg Blog: if you really want to learn more about chiropractic healing, this blog can offer a healer’s perspective on everything from results to case reports and new techniques.
  2. Dr. Riggs’ Chiropractic Blog: Dr. Riggs specializes in low force treatments, traditional chiropractic, chiropractic orthopedis, soft tissue injuries and family care. He shares his insights on this blog.
  3. Low Back and Chronic Pain Relief Blog: This blog, offered by a Connecticut Chiropractor, offers a wide variety of easy-to-understand explanations on pain issues and on solutions that don’t require surgery.
  4. Natural Healing and Back Pain Relief: Use this blog to find information on natural healing for back pain, including a self-adjusting technique that may help bring relief.
  5. The Alternative Pain Relief Blog: Learn more about natural treatments for neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, headaches and other bone issues that may plague you.


  1. A Much Better Way: Use this blog to learn more about nutrition, fitness, non-toxic living, natural remedies and news about Western as well as Eastern medicines.
  2. Andrew’s Blog: Andrew is all for “patient power” and how that advocacy applies to today’s health issues in Western society.
  3. Kitchen Table Medicine: The food you eat can contribute either to a sick or healthy body. Learn more about healthy natural foods and herbs at this site.
  4. Natural Health Almanac: Dr. Ben provides updated information on how to prevent ill health and increase health through natural living.
  5. Oasis of Health and Wellness Blog: This blog tackles natural health, alternative healing and preventative measures as well as political stands on Western medicinal practices.
  6. Terra Sigillata: If you want to go deeper into the differences between pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines, let Pharmboy take you there.
  7. Your Natural Remedies: This blogger is not a doctor, but is a prolific writer on all things natural for health and healing.


  1. Acupuncture Blog Chicago: Although billed as “Chicago’s resource for Traditional Chinese Medicine,” this blog can appeal to anyone seeking information about acupuncture and Eastern healing philosophies.
  2. Acupuncture Health Insights: Lynn Jafree shares her insights on Oriental medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbology and the Mei Zen method of cosmetic acupuncture on her blog.
  3. Acupuncture Today: This professional blog provides information for anyone who wants to know more about acupuncture as a form of alternative healing.
  4. Anatomy Acupuncture: This blog is offered by an acupuncturist who takes an integrative approach to orthopedic medicine.
  5. Beijing Modern Acupuncture Blog: Dr. Ying Wang, an acupuncturist in Memphis, shares case studies and solutions in this informative blog.
  6. Portland Acupuncture Blog: Amy Chitwood Burslem, licensed acupuncturist in Oregon, shares her experiences and knowledge as well as a local flair with her traditional Chinese medicinal perspective.
  7. World Acupuncture: This blog focuses on Japanese acupuncture, including education, philosophies and testimonies to healing from this alternative method.

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