25 Essential YouTube Channels for Health and Fitness Tips

November 24, 2009

Are you into personal training across a wide range of physical disciplines? If you have access to broadband, then you can enjoy a number of fitness, health and wellness videos offered through YouTube Channels. The tips found through the following YouTube Channels can provide exercise routines, recipes for healthy diets and news about the latest in health care and wellness.

This list of twenty-five essential YouTube Channels for health and fitness tips were chosen based upon their quality, frequent updates and the number of videos offered. The videos are divided into categories for fitness, health and nutrition. Each YouTube Channel name is listed alphabetically within those categories to show readers that we do not favor one Channel over another.


  1. ACE: Ace is the American Council on Exercise, and their videos provide how-to information on specific exercises and sports as well as information on why these activities are good for you.
  2. BodyRock.TV: Head straight to this YouTube channel if you’re game for some brutal workouts. Zuzana, a certified personal trainer, is host and producer of BodyRock.TV.
  3. Evolution Fitness: A Toronto personal trainer, motivational speaker, and former strength athlete with over 15 years involvement in the fitness industry, provides his advice on health and fitness.
  4. FreeStyleFitnessTV: This channel covers it all, from lacrosse to treadmills, and from interviews to footwork and core work.
  5. HealthWise Exercise: If you want to lose weight, release stress and increase your energy, then you might want to join Suzanne Andrews as she shows her viewers how to get fit with a special emphasis on safety and injury prevention.
  6. Instructional Fitness: This YouTube channel is dedicated to nutrition, bodybuilding and fitness. Joe Tong leads the way as a registered nurse and certified personal trainer.
  7. Irockwood: Lucas Rockwood is a yoga teacher, vegan chef, nutritional coach, and the founder of YOGABODY Naturals. Subscribe to this channel if you want to learn more about flexibility and strength.
  8. Iron Muscle TV: Build those muscles and keep off fat!Let this channel carry you away with gym training, at home workouts and more from an English fitness model.
  9. Just Feel Alive: Don’t feel unfit if you hate to exercise, but love to dance. Dancing provides a great aerobic workout, and the Just Feel Alive channel can keep you company as well as show you some new routines.
  10. Kelly Lynn Fitness: Use the exercises provided by this personal trainer, professional video editor and bodybuilder to become more fit.
  11. The Reel Ilyse Baker: If you enjoy dance, you may enjoy this channel, where Ilyse Baker shows how she stretches and dances professionally.
  12. ThinQ Fitness: This channel provides a number of videos that can help anyone, no matter the ability or age.
  13. YOGATIC! Subscribe to this YouTube channel to learn more about various yoga positions as well as breathing, meditation and more.


  1. Diet.com Video Calorie Minute: the focus at this channel is on busy people who want to become fit and lose weight. The workouts last for one minute (although the short workouts may take more than one minute to learn…).
  2. dLifedotcom: This channel is provided for diabetics, with information, inspiration and connection that can increase your chances for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. eHow Health: This channel is jam-packed with healthy tips, advice and topics that range from mental health to nutrition.
  4. ForwardFitness360.com: Although the title to this channel focuses on fitness, the videos touch on exercise, nutrition and general health issues.
  5. Health Detective: Underground Wellness is a hub for alternative nutrition and exercise information based on truth, scientific research, and anecdotal evidence.
  6. Mayo Clinic: Learn more about Mayo’s latest research and treatment advances through these videos. The latest videos from the Mayo Clinic include information on pituitary tumors, asthma and H1N1.
  7. Natural Health Videos: The focus at this channel is on natural health and alternative medicines.
  8. OrganicJar: This channel’s goal is to provide the latest breaking news on natural health, organic foods, alternative medicine, superfoods and green living.


  1. EatTheWeeds: Learn about foraging from a life-long forager, gardener and outdoor health nut. Who says foraging can’t be healthy — especially since it forces you to get out and walk!
  2. Foods that Improve Your Health: If you want to learn how to lower your blood pressure, control sugar and sodium intake and increase your strength and endurance — all through food — then, you may have a gem on your hands with this channel.
  3. Regenerate Your Life! “Dan the Man” can guide you on juicing, natural foods and more to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle. He also throws in some workouts, so don’t expect to sit around in front of the television.
  4. U.S. Food and Drug Administration: If you feel safer with governmental advice about health and fitness, then this channel is for you. Learn about food safety as well as about recalls on medicines and food.

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