Phlebotomy Technician Scholarships

In order to become a phlebotomy technician, which is a type of clinical laboratory technician that works with blood, you’ll typically need a four-year bachelor’s degree. While this is a far cry from the six to eight years of college that many people in the medical field endure, a bachelor’s degree can still put you thousands of dollars in debt if you don’t have financial aid. Like grants, scholarships are a great source of funding, since you don’t have to repay the money when you’re done with school, as you would with a student loan. Phlebotomy technician scholarships are readily available if you know where to look, and being awarded as many as possible can ensure that you meet your educational goals.

A number of organizations offer scholarship opportunities specifically for phlebotomy students. For example, the American Society for Clinical Pathology offers a scholarship program based on educational goals and community service to students who are studying phlebotomy. Other organizations offer less specific scholarships to students who are interested in a career in health care, no matter what the specialty, and still others don’t specify a program of study at all and are instead based on things like race, ethnicity, disability, marital status, volunteering, educational achievements, and gender.

You can also look to your college for phlebotomy technician scholarships. Many schools have special phlebotomy programs, which are supported in part through scholarship funds. Some school offer additional general scholarships based on your high school grades, SAT scores, and other characteristics. Your college’s financial aid department can alert you to all of the phlebotomy technician scholarships available from the school, and they may also be able to tell you about some other related scholarships from private organizations that may not be highly publicized.

For many scholarships, no matter what your major, you’ll be required to write an essay based on an annual theme or a personal question. Your essay will be the deciding factor when the scholarship committee determines who is best suited to receive money for college, so it needs to be a strong piece of writing. Students who win scholarships based on essays typically use the following tips to create the winning application:

  • Read the directions and follow them closely, keeping in mind that you could be disqualified if you don’t stay within a certain word limit or return your application by the right date.
  • Be as clear and concise about the topic as possible. Your essay should have a thesis statement, supporting facts, and closing that really grabs the reader.
  • Never steal someone else’s work by plagiarizing or, if you have to write a personal essay, embellish the truth to make your essay sound more impressive.
  • Focus on using correct grammar rather than filling your essay with big words.
  • Make sure your essay is accompanied by the proper paperwork – either an application or a cover letter (or both).

Scholarships make it possible for thousands of students to go to college, and if you want to enter a phlebotomy technician program, these funds can help you too pay for your education.

Top Phlebotomist Tech and Health Science Schools

DeVry University
BBA in Health Services
DeVry University — The BBA in health services management from DeVry quite frankly is more training than a typical phlebotomist will need to begin a career. This degree is better suited for the phlebotomy technician looking to expand his/her career with a more managerial role.
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