Phlebotomy Technician College Grants

A phlebotomy technician assists at hospitals, physician’s offices, and other locations with taking blood samples. Often, this is a crucial step in diagnosing very serious medical conditions, so phlebotomists work closely with many other kinds of clinical laboratory technicians to ensure that each patient get the best care possible. For this kind of job, you typically need a bachelor’s degree, though some phlebotomists go on to get a master’s degree or even a doctorate. No matter what kind of degree you’re pursuing, phlebotomy technician college grants can help you meet your educational goals.

College grants for students who are interested in phlebotomy education can range from funds that will pay for your education to those that are available for specific educational research projects. Like scholarships, college grants don’t have to be repaid, making them an optimal source of money for college. Grants are given out based on financial need, rather than on merit, so even if you weren’t at the top of your class in high school or are returning to college after a number of years in the workforce, there will be phlebotomy technician college grants available for you.

One of the top sources for grants of all kind is the United States government. Federal programs such as the Federal Pell Grant, as well as specific government departments offer money to students pursuing certain educational programs. The Federal Pell Grant is available to anyone who meets the financial requirements, so millions of dollars are given to students for their education every year. Grants from other government organizations may require you to meet other standards. As someone pursuing a degree in a medical-related field, your best bets for grants are with health-related departments in the government.

Aspiring phlebotomists can also find grants from private organizations. Again, start with groups that are related to health care, as they’ll be more likely to have funds available for grants in your field. Keep in mind, however, that many organizations offer grants that aren’t contingent on you studying in a medical-related field. They’re available to all students, regardless of major, and these grants can help to fund your phlebotomy education.

Grants are often also available through the school you choose to attend. If you talk to someone from your college’s financial aid department, they can alert you to grants that are available to medical students, as well as private organizations in your community that support phlebotomy students. Don’t forget to talk to you department head as well, since some grants are directly through a department, rather than your college’s financial aid office.

Although the application process for grants is often more difficult than with other sources of money for college, some grants will cover the entire cost of your education, and others even give you money for living expenses. Apply to every phlebotomy technician college grant possible so that you can get your degree without worrying about paying bills.

Top Phlebotomist Tech and Health Science Schools

DeVry University
BBA in Health Services
DeVry University — The BBA in health services management from DeVry quite frankly is more training than a typical phlebotomist will need to begin a career. This degree is better suited for the phlebotomy technician looking to expand his/her career with a more managerial role.
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